What Sets Us Apart

Teen girl with braces

When you trust our practice with your child’s oral healthcare, you can be sure that they are receiving care from their dentist and not a team of dentists unfamiliar with the nuances of their treatment requirements. That’s because Dr. Choi is the only dentist practicing in our office. Dr. Choi takes the time to see each of his patients individually, which better serves them and builds a positive relationship that helps your child achieve a healthy smile that lasts a life time.


Beautiful, Healthy Smiles

We provide comprehensive pediatric orthodontic and dental care designed to give your child a healthy smile that lasts a lifetime. From jaw joint care, to aligning a beautiful bite, we treat the full range of oral health ailments to get your child a completely healthy mouth.


Caring for Children

Dr. Choi and his staff have trained extensively to care specifically for children. This extra training allows us to use your child’s natural growth potential to get them the healthiest smile, while providing the least invasive care possible. We are trained in all of today’s latest orthodontic technology and treatments so that our team can offer the best care available.

Total Oral Care

Complete Oral Care

Our office offers a preventive oral care plan to our orthodontic patients so that their dental care needs are met while they’re undergoing orthodontic treatment. The plan includes two additional cleanings, and fluoride varnish treatments scheduled at 3 month intervals between your child’s regular 6 month orthodontic checkups. Our preventative oral care plan is free of charge for all of our orthodontic patients.

Additionally, we provide our orthodontic patients a complimentary orthodontic treatment kit to keep their teeth – and orthodontic devices – clean. The kit includes an Oral-B electric toothbrush to provide the best cleaning possible.


One-Stop Pediatric Orthododontics and Dentistry

Dr. Choi is the only area dentist to offer both pediatric dentistry sa well as orthodontic services and he has been extensively trained to care for developing smiles in infants, toddlers, children and teens. We offer prevention, restorative, cosmetic, growth and development and full orthodontic care all beneath one roof. We make it easy for parents and patients alike to coordinate their oral care schedules by combining your child’s orthodontic and dental services into one practice. This convenience makes our practice your one stop shop for all of your child’s oral health needs.


Lasting Value

Early orthodontic treatment offers young patients the most value and impact over any other orthodontic treatment. By using your child’s growth and development, Dr. Choi can implement a treatment or device that gets your child a healthy smile in half the time, for about half the cost of full orthodontics. If any additional orthodontic treatment is needed at a later time, our office will credit that treatment with the expenses used to fund the early orthodontic treatment. We believe in our solutions, and stand by their quality.